How to Choose Camping Camp

How to Choose Camping Camp

Choice and construction of the camping camp is a big problem to all the camping beginners, The choice of the camp is very important, and beginners should pay much attention to the following precautions: Near water: camping rest can not be separated from the water; near water is the first element of the select camp. Therefore, in the choice of the camp should be close to the edge of streams, lakes, rivers, so that water.
Nor can camp bar on the riverside, in some upper reaches of the river power plants, water storage during flood width, flow, once the water will swell the flood, including a number of streams, usually small, once the next storm, which may have issued flood, we must carefully guard against this problem, especially during the rainy season and flash flood-prone areas.

Leeward: camp in the wild, can not but consider the leeward, especially in some valleys, riverside, you should select a leeward camp. Also note that the tent door can not against the wind. Leeward is also considering the safety and convenience of using fire. Far from the cliff: The camp can not be selected below a cliff, this is very dangerous, once strong wind happened on the mountain, there may be scraped off the stones and other objects, resulting in casualties. Near the village: the camp near the village can hurry to get help from the villagers, in the absence of firewood, vegetables, grain and other even more important. Near the village is also a shortcut, or close roads to facilitate the action and the transfer of the team. Shade: a camping need to live more than two days, should choose a shady place to camp in good weather conditions, such as in the trees below and north of the mountain, the best is the DPRK according to the sun, rather than sunset the sun. Thus, if have a rest during the day, the tent would not be too hot.

Lightning: in the rainy season or lightning District, the camp must not be selected on the high ground, tree or isolated plains, which is easy to move to lightning. Anti beast: the camp was built to carefully observe the camp around the beast’s footprints, droppings and nests, not to build snake rat Strip, to prevent injury or damage the equipment and facilities. Have insect repellent, scorpion drugs and protective measures. Around the camps all over sprinkle some ash will be very effective in preventing the intrusion of snakes, scorpions, poisonous insects. Camps selection has been done, we will to build camps. Especially in the camping ground with a certain scale, the construction of the entire camp is particularly important.

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