HondaJet: The Best Sports Car In The Sky You Will Ever Experience

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Honda is one of the flourishing brands in the vehicle industry, producing vehicles such as cars and motorcycles. Everywhere, you can see a Honda vehicle going back and forth on the busy streets of each country. This early 2018, Honda has stepped up its game and dived into the jet business to cater the needs of its customers. This private jet costs up to $4.9 million this year. HondaJet is a business jet modeled for big businesses that need quick transactions.

HondaJet’s Stunning Features VS Commercial Airplanes

Compared to commercial airplanes that can carry tons and tons of heavy equipment, HondaJet is a light-weight aircraft that can only carry roughly 5 tons in total and a full seven seats only. Since HondaJet is modeled as a business jet, it is of vital importance to know the benefits that you can get in purchasing one for the success of your business goals and visions.

1. More Cockpit Space

HondaJet’s ergonomic design includes the Garmin G3000 digital all-glass avionics suite for pilots to see a clearer and wider view of their flight path. The private jet’s cockpit is also equipped with Synthetic Vision Technology for improved passenger safety measures Contract Hire.

2. New and Better Engine Inlet

Turbulence and engine noise can be an inconvenience on a flight. HondaJet has introduced a new and better engine inlet into the market to make the vibration and noise less during the trip.

3. Better Fuel Efficiency

Honda Aircraft Company claimed that the combination of lightweight materials, aerodynamics and efficient engines gives the HondaJet up to 20% better fuel efficiency than the usual aircraft. Flying at 43,000 feet, the HondaJet is said to consume just 339 liters (89.5 gallons) of fuel per hour.

4. Quiet Takeoff and Landing

The best part about riding in a private jet like the HondaJet is its one-of-a-kind Over-The-Wing Engine Mount (OTWEM) that reduces noise while taking off, landing and even resting on the plane for a couple of hours. Thanks to this technology, there is more baggage space left for passengers on board as well. The nose compartment is about 9 cubic meters while the aft compartment measures 57 cubic meters: great for large items like golf and skiing equipment.

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  • Maximum Cruise Speed @ FL300 422 KTAS
  • Maximum Cruise Altitude FL430
  • Rate of Climb 3990 ft / min
  • NBAA IFR Range (4 occupants) 1223 nm
  • Takeoff Distance <4000 ft
  • Landing Distance <3050 ft


  • Manufacturer / Model GE Honda / HF120
  • Output (Uninstalled Thrust) 2050 lbf / each
  • Derated from 2095 lbf / each
  • Bypass Ratio 2.9
  • External Dimensions
  • Length 42.62 ft [12.99 m]
  • Wing Span 39.76 ft [12.12 m]
  • Height 14.90 ft [4.54 m]


  • Typical Configuration 1 crew + 5 passengers
  • (2 crew + 4 passengers)
  • Alternative Configuration 1 crew + 6 passengers
  • (2 crew + 5 passengers)
  • External Baggage 66 cubic ft

Interior dimensions:

  • 80 ft [5.43 m] L x 5.00 ft [1.52 m] W x 4.83 ft [1.47 m] H

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